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Tips For Local SEO Optimization In Stockton

The best way to go for search engine optimization, or SEO, efforts is local. What does that mean? It simply means that when creating a website, listing the site in online directories, or when writing about the site, make sure to include the local region or city and state that it serves.

For instance, an apartment complex that is located in Stockton should include the region and city where it is located in California. Obviously people from San Diego who are moving up to Stockton are not normally wanting to see any Stockton options if they put a search for places to live into Google.

But, wait, don’t I want my business in more results? The key is not in volume as much as it is in relevance. If the people from San Diego want to live in Stockton because they just decided to move their business there, then they will be able to specify that through the magic of Google.

Google happily responds by providing the top relevant results for Stockton. Now, if a business is newer and has a new online footprint (read: website and social media accounts) it will take a while before Google recognizes it and crawls it.

What that means is that it can take some time before Google acknowledges your site and sends traffic to you. Plus, you will likely have other businesses that have had a website since the public started having access to the Internet. That’s the breaks. But, at least you can still aim for the top 5 spots.

Besides, sometimes people who have a 20-year-old website honestly still stick with the outdated 1996 style of website. Fun for a smile and good memories, but not practical for consumers looking at a site from their smartphones.

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